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UnitLocationReported DateAgeIssueNotes
13Artesia05/21/20141129Display powers up andor down periodically8/1/14 this truck is down due to maintanence issues.
32408Elk City08/04/20141054Logs do not update properly8/5/14 PerformX related issue. Please check J1708 Serial port configuration to ensure MultiBus is selected. Possbile software update from PN can resolve issue. 8/15/14 this truck is down due to mechanical issues. 8/22/14 truck is now in shop in OKC.
37619Elk City08/05/20141053No Power (Display Screen Blank)8/5/14 Possible OBC failure. No GPS, cellular or Performx data being received.
37618Alva08/21/20141037Display Screen Broken8/22/14 display is broken will be replaced soon.
21Elk City09/25/20141002Logs do not update properly
45Alva09/25/20141002Logs do not update properly
10Alva09/29/2014998No Power (Display Screen Blank)
37607Pecos10/10/2014987No Power (Display Screen Blank)
32409Alva10/28/2014969Does not login on yard